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replacement remote starter fob

  • Marisa

    Here’s what I found for my 2005 Suburban. In step 3 above the sequence is not On to OFF twice (ON-OFF-ON-OFF)The correct sequence for my car and I suspect all similar vehicles is RUN-ACCY-RUN-ACCY. Most people think of RUN and ON as the same thing. Okay, I’ll accept that. But OFF and ACCY are two entirely different positions.Look at your late model GM owner manual – I suspect you’ll find the steering wheel ignition has four positions: OFF, ACCY, RUN, START.
    There is also a problem with step 4 above IMO. The locks cycle lock-unlock while my finger is still on the unlock button. Releasing the unlock button is critical to complete the steps to enter programming mode. However, the lock-unlock sequence occurs while my finger is still on the unlock button.

    I confirmed my operation is the same as at least one other vehicle – a 2003 Tahoe. So I think I’m on the right track.


    Yes same, I also had a QX60 that kept it on until I pressed the engine button. Very annoying the Palisade cuts off. But yes as stated above I noticed the one time I openeded the drivers door and placed my purse on the seat if stayed on.


    I have confirmed what appears to be a transmission issue with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) and the key fob. It almost seems like the corresponding sensor gets a fail code when I have the key and phone in the same pocket and gets “stuck”.

    I noticed this behavior this morning, where my passenger door would not unlock with the key fob in the same space as my phone. Separating the phone and fob made no difference and the door would still not unlock from the hand sensor – almost like it failed and gave up the ghost.

    Switching to the driver door with the phone and fob separate allowed me to unlock without issue. I’m wondering if this is some fault detect security baked into our cars.


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