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Job application Of Curtain Walls Dangling Parts

  • ahwhglass

    With the growth of social economy, the actual improvement of urban look, the success of that bid, the scene from the construction industry is incredibly lively, but also led the introduction of the decoration industry, in the building outside the beautification, stone curtain wall has occupied a huge proportion. Gorgeous stone curtain outlet indeed to decorate town face added luster, also became the brand new city building important image, it with its unique style, elegant and lovely shape, make the building more sense belonging to the times and artistic contour, much loved by graphic designers and owners. Laminated Glass online

    Wall stone hidden dangling dry hanging method is a new type of construction technology which uses large corrosion-resistant connectors to batten the facing stone within the back of the constructing surface. It can not be due to the main structure of large displacement or large temperature difference, will not produce additional stress included in the plate, thereby controlling the particular damage state Curtain Outer surface

    Especially suitable for high-rise structures and earthquake-resistant building drape wall, and in the construction process is usually free to choose the bed of the plate holding position, any angle on the mosaic, for different requirements, different shapes, a variety of complex shape design should provide space. Curtain Rooms

    The installation precision is actually high, the decoration result is good, simple system, flexible approach, easy disassembly, for maintenance and maintenance to produce a convenient, to overcome the soaked paste cement mortar binder within the defects of stone infiltration and using traditional pin, pin-plate dry-hanging way of stone easy to problems, easy to rust, no security and other defects. At present, the construction technology belonging to the back-hanging concealed suspending method continues to be extended to the rock curtain wall decorated inside the interior and exterior walls on the building. Curtain Walls

    Material could be to ensure the quality and safety belonging to the material base of the particular curtain wall, qualified products are unable to only ensure that the curtain wall has safety measures, functionality, artistry, its appearance also has a sense of hierarchy, but also to meet the building “project, Quality first” conditions. Curtain Walls

    At duration, in order to carry out a ton of high-performance curtain wall engineering research and development, enhance the technology level of drape wall industry, improve people’s quality of life, promote the overall advance of society and promote the industry in general norms and sustainable advancement, has great significance. Drape Walls.

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