How air conditioners can harm the environment

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How air conditioners can harm the environment

  • Marisa

    You probably love the feel of freshly chilled air on a hot day, but don’t forget that law called the conservation of energy! There’s always a price to pay for getting something good in our universe. In this case, the price is the energy you have to use to run the air conditioning unit; using energy means there’s an impact on your pocket and on the planet too in the shape of environmental problems like global warming. Environmentalists say we should use less air-conditioning, which sounds easier than it is in a really hot climate. It’s important to remember that air-conditioning isn’t just about luxury or comfort: an air-conditioned room can make you much more productive at work and it can have important health benefits too.


    some public-health doctors have suggested that the greater use of air conditioning in the United States is one reason why there are fewer heat-related deaths there than in Europe, where air conditioning is used less. It’s sometimes argued that if people don’t have air conditioning, they’re more likely to use things like electric fans, which work very inefficiently (rearranging hot air instead of removing it and generating heat with their own electric motors).


    Air coolers can be much cheaper to run than air conditioners, but they don’t cool as dramatically. On the plus side, they are much more portable; on the minus, they have internal tanks that need periodically refilling with water (and ice, if you wish, to improve performance) or permanently hooking up to a water supply with a length of garden hose.


    They generally work best in hot, dry climates where the humidity is fairly low (less than about 60 percent), because lower humidity means more effective evaporation and cooling.


    The additives have diagnostic functions that are communicated to the thermostat in the occasion of a hassle or an issue. This characteristic can also be used to alert the house owner that it is time for renovation or time to exchange the filter.

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