Holy Ground years of enjoying WoW Classic

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Holy Ground years of enjoying WoW Classic

  • ningling2016

    I understand from a business side, but it sucks for fans and these employees from the west. Most of the devs they’re hiring are for the mobile games. wow classic gold is already developed so it will get hurt the most. The thing is activision could care less.

    I’m so thankful that I held onto each Helm’s shoulders torso gloves legs boots weapons and shields there is so many years so many raids how dare you assholes try to take away what is Holy Ground years of enjoying WoW Classic just because you want to relive in that past.

    wow classic gold buy is better than it was. I had a fun time in classic World of Warcraft and in fact I still have all my original boxes and standing in line at GameStop at 12 a.m. and once more I say to you stop attempting to tread on the past leave it be and let it die where it is.

    They will make so much from those phone games if WoW Classic completely dries up they would not care. They awakened buying Blizzard in this sense. They did not realize program based games are the way to go to maximize gains. Its too bad they didn’t leave WoW Classic and Blizzard alone. Its if you prefer computer games its approaching the end of activision computer games, although if you enjoy cell games. Although I really do anticipate a WoW Classic growth ever couple of years for at least a couple more years.


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