e way of salvation." We are often

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e way of salvation." We are often

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    This is the most common dialogue in the book. The characters in Mr. Maum’s writing, whether it is the unscrupulous Strickland in “The Moon and Six Pence”, or the maverick Larry in “The Blade”, they resolutely walked on the pilgrimage road and devoted their lives To find the ultimate meaning of life. Like the poem of the writer Qijingnian: Wherever the heart aspires, it is the same as before, although it cannot be reached, the heart aspires to it. Life is like a retrograde journey. With his witty, humorous and sharp tone Marlboro Red, Mr. Maum is straightforward about human nature, and the story is fascinating and fascinating. “Blade” is a young man who participated in the return of World War I. Larry, after witnessing the misery and displacement of people in the war era, after experiencing the sacrifice of his comrades-in-arms to save himself, he began to consider the world and life Essential question Newport 100S. In order to find the answers to these ultimate questions, he gave up his marriage with Isabel, escaped the materialistic life of the upper class, and began his long life of reading and searching for knowledge. He was immersed in the university library, like Indian philosophers seeking knowledge. At the same time, he did his best to save the painful people in life again and again, and help them to get rid of the mental and physical suffering. I often feel that when a person comes to this world, he must have a few reverberations before it is worthwhile. . Larry’s life was light like a feather in the wind, not so noticeable, but he was as heavy as a rock in the mountains, and he lived upright in the heavens and the earth. He once said: “God’s favorite admirers are those who do their best according to your knowledge.” Moss flowers are as small as rice, and they also learn to bloom peony. Walk on the blade, towards the hot soul in your heart, do what you seek to the extreme, be a realistic idealist! The Upanishads says: “The edge of a knife is not easy to cross, so it is difficult to say the way of salvation.” We are often attached to the benefits and losses of material life. Is discouraged. Larry, however, is as sharp as a knife edge. He pursues the way of liberation with a keen attitude, for this he cuts everything and passes the knife edge. . Larry once said, don’t be irritable, easy-going Marlboro Cigarettes, compassionate, and lose a word of me. Live like Randornan’s poem: I never fight with anyone, and no one deserves to fight with me. I love nature, and secondly I love art. I stretched my hands to the fire of life for warmth, and the fire was about to die. I was also about to leave. After trying my best to chase my heart, I used the gesture of Larry such as Larry to make a “hidden person” “I’ve been here for a lifetime, like a life-threatening journey, a voyage of reeds, breaking away from the shackles of time, and living out the quality and height of life. Isn’t such a life a wonderful existence? !!<br/>Related articles:<br/> NewportCigarettes
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