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  • Marisa

    Plastic surgeons at the UCSF Breast Care Plastic Surgery Clinic offer breast reconstruction to women of all ages. Breast reconstruction – surgery to rebuild the shape of a breast – is often an option after mastectomy. Some health insurance plans pay for all or part of the cost of reconstruction, and for surgery to the other breast to make it similar in shape and size.


    A reconstructed breast will look like a breast but it won’t have natural sensation. If you’re thinking about reconstruction, talk with a plastic surgeon before your mastectomy. Some women begin reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy, while others wait several months or even years.


    I felt really lost as a teenager – I’d try to speak to my friends but they’re the ones who were being the bullies. It was a really hard time. Throughout growing up and being an adult, I always had that weight on me because I kept everything inside, I wasn’t able to speak to anyone.


    When you see all these people from reality TV on social media too, that has an effect. I’d look at them and think, “I want a body like that.” A few years ago, that’s when I started thinking of getting surgery.


    Just an all out AMAZING doctor. Very professional & precise in his work. He’s focused and strives for excellence. He’s very patient also. I’m sure I’ve tested that. I’m so thankful that I crossed paths with him. He made me feel whole again. I will be forever thankful! Dr Ali Sadeghi Plastic Surgeons Nola

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