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Big Ear Custom Hearing Protection

  • AmyJ23

    Big Ear specializes in on-site custom hearing protection services.

    What started as an idea from one person and a small group of individuals in 2003 grew into a worldwide family of Big Ear providers. Through the years, the Big Ear family expanded beyond North America into the United Kingdom and Australia.

    Aside from our Providers, our success depends on our Perfect Fit Technology™ that allows us to secure a perfect impression of our customer’s ears every time. Thus, our product is not a generic solution and we are proud of it. In fact, the patented technology is cost-effective and installs within seconds with a perfect fit every time. It also allows precision and comfort so that earplugs can be worn throughout the day or all night. In addition, our merchandise comes with a 36-month warranty.*

    The applications are endless when it comes to hearing protection. Industrial and construction workers, motorcyclists, musicians and hunters all benefit from our custom hearing protection earplugs. Likewise, dentists, restaurant staff and athletes rave about them. Even a better night’s sleep is possible with our products. Whether you need a full-stop or a filtered earplug, or even a custom communication tactical earplug, we can make it happen.

    Big Ear is a perfect home-based business or as a product extension to your current business. Our Providers work with both companies and individual sellers. In an effort to save the hearing of the future generation, we are always looking for amazing people to join our family. We travel to events, visit homes, or set up shops in offices. We are exceptionally flexible when meeting with customers. Notably, we’ve even been known for meeting up in highways just to make sure our high-quality earplugs fit perfectly.

    Our business is customer satisfaction. We work diligently to provide a solution that will fully correct a situation. As part of our growth as a company, we continuously educate ourselves on market trends, getting better with every new release. Moreover, we make improvements based on any new technology. We want to be able to look our customers in the eyes and feel proud of our products. We aspire to be confident that we have created the very best solution for their situation. Overall, as a company, we are guided by the Kaizen belief: improvement every single day.

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