All these I believe are just fine.

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All these I believe are just fine.

  • Dingbest

    All these I believe are just fine. They encompass the conclusion of things at RuneScape gold, doing”all” the tasks in most significant regions of RuneScape. But then there are some odd ones. “The Annihilator” title. Can you count that as post-quest articles? Or a name from a new slayer monster? If post-quest articles, then it sort of makes sense, actually finishing the quest to it’s full.

    These do not encircle the completion of any complete reach of content in RuneScape. They’re side objectives that help you acquire expertise in abilities which you’ve trained to 99 to your Completionist Cape, or will help you get there. However there are other procedures of training making these non-compulsory and should be left for the Trimmed Cape. The Trimmed Cape is for all intents and purposes, the foundation Comp Cape, but with the huge additional requirement of completing every minigame in RuneScape. (With some different additives which the participant can finish, like unlocking hidden lore – the Dragonkin journals from QBD come into mind, as well as the Scabarite study notes) But then again this can also be faulty – post-quest content has been dispersed over both capes. Why should I do the Fate of the Gods post-quest articles to your Completionist Cape, but maybe not the Song Out Of The Depths post-quest articles? Why is this rather a Trimmed requirement? Why should I unlock all the museum Kudos, which will be lore-related content, for its Completionist Cape, although not the Trimmed Completionist cape, that allegedly focuses on post-quest content like killing the four slayer monster bosses in the smokey well after smoking Kills?

    Total one single ports storyline. This makes no sense. Either all or nothing, and seeing as completing all four is a Trimmed necessity, this should be left off, in my opinion. Here is the highest-levelled cape out the Max Cape and Completionist Cape range, and it seems silly to unlock the best cape in the game (Completionist Cape) without having the next-best (arguably) cape beforehand. And as because you do not need to Old School RS Gold make it, I guess they do not want to induce you to utilize the Koi Scales if you can make something better with them (Seasinger Kiba / Wakazushi).


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