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Adhesive Agent accumulator temperature

  • Christianzhu

    First, what abstracts are you abutting together? Obviously, the Pur Gum has to be able for both abstracts if they are different, but the basal botheration accomplishment is with plastics and recognising the artificial is the ancient task.

    In addition, water-based PU shoe adhering architecture is simple, you can use brush, roller coating, spraying, blemish coating, etc., balance adhering simple to clean, architecture accoutrement accessible acquire cleaning, able and quick. Because of its simple operation and constant performance, it can be broadly acclimated in rubber, PU, PVC, leather, cloth, all kinds of chrism abstracts such as bonding, and can be acclimated for all kinds of shoes to the production.

    Water-based PU Shoe Adhesive, that is, water-based polyurethane shoe adhesive, water-based PU alternation which is one of the basal for the cossack industry. It is characterized by acquire as a medium, with non-combustible, babyish odor, ecology protection, simple operation and so on. At present, the country already has water-based PU shoes artificial absolute bookish acreage rights, the bulk technology is mature, the appliance of the advance gradually expanded.

    It should be acclaimed that the water-based PU shoe Adhesive Agent accumulator temperature abuttals of 5-30 ℃, accumulator time not added than 6 months. Accumulator temperature can not beat 30 ℃ Could could could cause college than 30 ℃, the dehydration of acquire acquired by credible conjunctiva, the blur can not be attenuated to use, consistent in waste. At the aforementioned time, top temperature simple to after-effects appear activity to abort its own authentic properties. Accumulator temperature can not be beneath than 5 ℃ because beneath than 5 ℃, the water-based PU shoes will after-effects frozen, if the temperature is restored, was a austere breach state, can not be restored.

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